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Now I can look at you in peace...

"Now I can look at you in peace; I don’t eat you anymore." 

/Franz Kafka/


Every Veggie Meal Save Life


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God's Amazing Creatures #1

The Glaucus Atlanticus

The Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slug is as unusual as its appearance suggests - this thing is honestly pretty weird, but we can forgive it since it is so breath-taking.

These creatures are three centimeters long and predominantly colored with silver and blue tints. They are found in tropical waters, specifically those off of the East and South Coast of South Africa, European waters, the east coast of Australia and Mozambique.

With the aid of a gas-filled sac in its stomach, Glaucus atlanticus floats at the surface. Due to the location of the gas sac the sea swallow floats upside down.

G. atlanticus preys on other, larger pelagic organisms: the dangerously venomous Portuguese Man o' War Physalia physalis.Occasionally, individual Glaucus become cannibals given the opportunity.

G. atlanticus is able to feed on P. physalis due to its immunity to the venomous nematocysts. The slug consumes the entire organism and appears to select and store the most venomous nematocysts for its own use. The venom is collected in specialized sacs, on the tip of their cerata, the thin feather-like "fingers" on its body. Because Glaucus stores the venom, it can produce a more powerful and deadly sting than the Man o' War upon which it feeds.

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Global water volume

The smaller blue globe represents the freshwater volume.

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Gandhi: A vegetarianizmus erkölcsi alapjai

"A vegetarianizmus a lélek építésére szolgál, nem a testére."